The EvilBitcoin isn't a computer virus as such, but it is an infected Bitcoin that will fuck your Bitcoin wallet up.

There isn't much known about the coin other than it is a Bitcoin which has become corrupted via the process of perpetual hashing. If you are not familiar with Bitcoin then what goddamn rock have you been living under for the last 10 years? Anyway, Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency used to buy cool stuff anonymously. You can 'mine' Bitcoin by using 'hashing' algorthims to guess a magic number, and if you find that magic number then you are awarded with Bitcoins. Or you can pay obscene amounts of money for them - your choice, really.

Anyway, there was a Chinese mining operation based in China (duh) that would mine Bitcoin constantly and then sell their rewards on Cryptocurrency exchanges. One of the exchanges they used was called Cryptopia which you might have already heard of. Some unfortunate doofus ended up paying money and their account received the corrupted Bitcoin (aka the EvilBitcoin) on 14th January 2019. Pretty much the precise moment that the EvilBitcion reached this persons wallet, the entire Cryptopia website went offline and everyone's Cryptocurrency all evacuated the website. Some people say that it shut down for maintenance and someone accidentally deleted all the coins, and some reports say that it was hacked and someone stole all the coins. But really, the only people that actually say either of these things happened are the ones that really, really love the Bitcoin project.

Think about it - if you had loads of money and you invested it into Bitcoin, would you want to go around telling people that there is an EvilBitcoin out there that will fuck everything up? No, idiot, of course you wouldn't!

There have been only three or four sightings of the EvilBitcoin in total. Users reported that they opened their wallet one day to find that they had an extra Bitcoin than when they had previously checked, but after that they could not do anything with their other Bitcoins. One of the many problems the EvilBitcoin can do is turn your wallet into a red color and this infected wallet will then eat the other wallets held on the system. This is one telltale sign that you have been a victim of the corrupted coin.

Eventually, once the EvilBitcoin has finished devouring whatever Cryptocurrency wallets you have left remaining it will wait for 600 days and then send itself to someone elses wallet. The previously corrupted wallet will unlock and can be used as normal again. The infected coin will have an extra hex code inside it tracking which accounts it has already attacked. Essentially, you can check how many wallets have had the EvilBitcoin present by checking the hex code, but you can only do that if you hold the EvilBitcoin at that exact time.

One of the problems in trying to locate the EvilBitcoin is that due to its wait-time between transferring to different wallets, there is a high chance that it might be in someones wallet that they have not accessed for a long time (or might even have lost the private key to).

Someone in Singapore once tried to sell the EvilBitcoin on eBay, but the listing was removed.

And that is everything that is known about the EvilBitcoin at this point in time. Maybe you will find it yourself one day. Or if you are sensible, you will never find it. In any case, you should not pay money for this Bitcoin because it will literally ruin your entire life.