The Cannonball Loop

It's 1985. Action Park (New Jersey, USA) has just opened its newest attraction - the Cannonball Loop. Now let us be clear, Action Park was not known for being safe. There were a number of fatalities at this place which only makes it more exciting for a spunky teen in the 80s.

Designed by a Swiss guy on a one week visa, it featured an initial drop of approximately 20 feet at 45 degrees with a menacing loop at the end.

This waterslide was truly something terrifying.

It's reported that during testing, some of the test dummies used on the slide would emerge dismembered and decapitated. Despite this, some employees were bribed with $100 to test the ride themselves. Only a few poor (pun intended) saps accepted but fortunately lived to regret the experience.

Riders had to be the perfect size if they were allowed to use this monster. Too big? Denied. Too small? Denied. Attire that had zips or grommets? Denied. One rider even got stuck in this thing and had to be extracted. Instead of closing it down there and then, they installed an escape hatch. Before being allowed to ride, the staff would have to hose you down to help prevent you getting stuck.

Gravel and crud would end up collecting before the loop adding grazes and abrasions to the fun! Nosebleeds, back and head injuries were all part of the Cannonball Loop experience.

It was soon closed after that beautiful summer... only to re-open in 1995 and 1996. After further injuries, it was closed down for good. I can't imagine why.

Here's a video of Action Park. Watch this infamous ride at the 08:17 mark.