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ET: The Extra Terrestrial

ET (or the extraterrestrial) is a stupid idiot alien. He was so stupid that they made a movie about him, aptly named ET: The Extraterrestrial).

A bit like the Flatwoods Monster alien, he found himself on Earth accidentally and the idiot went exploring away from his parents and got lost. He's brown and has a bad heart condition where you can see his heart pumping. He likes to look after flowers, eat M&Ms, make bicycles float and dress up in girl clothes for Halloween. He also has a skin problem that means he goes very pale if he hasn't had the opportunity to any recent gardening. If he is excited then his finger glows like a flashlight to help him see in the dark.

He made a telephone out of old electronics (not that impressive, really) to call his parents to come collect him when he'd finished hanging out with his new Earthling "friends".

Of all the aliens, ET is probably the most ugly and stupid alien.

ET Alien

This is a ET alien