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Words cannot express just how cool aliens are. If you didn't already know, there are like, 8 different kinds of aliens and they are all awesome in their own ways.

If you would like to tell me which alien is your favourite, then please feel free to email me and we can talk about the alien

Grey Aliens

Flatwoods Monster Alien

Nordic Aliens

These guys are are like medieval warriors. They have fair, white skin, death-metal blonde hair and blue eyes. My cousin Sarah said she met one in Norway on a school trip and he was super handsome and was fluent in Norwegian. He had a red sports car and sometimes wore sunglasses.


ET (or the extraterrestrial) is a stupid idiot alien from a movie aptly named ET: The Extraterrestrial). A bit like the Flatwoods Monster alien, he found himself on Earth accidentally and the idiot went exploring away from his parents and got lost. He's brown and has a heart condition where you can see it pumping. He likes to look after flowers, eat M&Ms, make bicycles float and dress up in girl clothes. He made a telephone out of old electronics (not that impressive, really) to call his parents to come collect him when he'd finished hanging out with his new Earthling "friends".


Lizardmen live on Jupiter in little sandcastles and they have blue blood. Apparently, some of them live on Earth and pretend to be people so they can influence politics and stuff like that (because they have nothing better to do lol). Some people say that George W. Bush is a Lizardman alien but I think they're mistaken.