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Flatwoods Monster Alien

The Flatwoods Monster Alien has only really been seen one time in West Virginia, USA.

The alien is made of metal and comes from the planet Metal.

He (or she) was flying over the town of Flatwoods in Braxton County when he fell out of his flying saucer which caused it to crash land. He has lights in his eyes which help him to see, which was useful given he had crashed in the dark. A group of people stumbled accross him and he looked directly at them. He had a pointy head, hands that looked a bit like claws and he smelled really bad. He started to glide towards the group of people that found him at which point they got so scared they ran away.

When the area was investigated, they found alien goop as evidence but by that time the alien had fixed his flying saucer and flew away.

He left them a chair as a gift for people to remember him by.

Flatwoods Monster Alien

Here is a drawing of the Flatwoods Monster Alien

Flatwoods Monster Alien

Here is a photo of a chair at Flatwoods in Western Virginia that proves the sighting was real