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Grey Aliens

Grey aliens (or gray aliens if you are a stupid American) are probably the most well known of all the aliens.

These aliens are humanoid and they have grey skin, two black eyes (as in their eyes are completely black, they (probably) haven't been in a barfight you idiot), a small mouth and no genitals. They don't need really need genitals because they're too cool to care about stuff like that that.

Pretty much everyone has seen a grey alien at least once in their life. If you haven't then I'm sorry but you must either be blind or just dont pay attention all that much. In either case, it sucks to be in your position because you're probably the only person on the plant that hasn't seen one.

In my personal experience, I've seen maybe two or three grey aliens on two occasions. The first one I saw was playing with the fax machine at my old house for some reason. The other time there were two grey aliens and they were swimming in my garden pool. I went to try and take a photo but by the time I found my camera they had already gone. I yelled at my mom a lot because that would have been the best photo, and it turned out she had moved my camera which is why I couldn't find it.

Grey aliens have also appeared in movies and TV shows like X-Files, South Park and Lord of the Rings. The reason that you see them in movies so much is because they are very relatable and directors know that movies that are relatable sell the most tickets.

Grey Alien

This is a grey alien