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What is there to say about computers? Lots of stuff, really. We couldn't live these days without them but the only reason for that is because we're all too fucking stupid, basically.

Because of the internet and social media you can be judged internationally for the dumbest stuff like having a job, or not owning a cat. Gone are the days when it was considered cool nerdy as shit to own a computer.

And you know what else? Yeah, we all ran MS DOS and shared games via floppy disk.

Also, if you happen to be reading this, Jake W, then fuck you for lending me a copy of Cannon Fodder 2 that had the Monkey virus on it. My dad freaked the fuck out and grounded me for an entire week because of that. And what's worse is that the game didn't even work so all you did was waste my time all weekend you goddamn jerk!

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